The Secret Project…
Discover Your Learning Community: The SuperHuman Enterprise
 You’re Not Supposed To Learn Alone 
Yes, you are a unique and special individual. But that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be alone. The truth is, you – and just about every other human on Earth – does better as part of a group. This applies to almost every important activity you can undertake.

And learning is no exception.

In fact, learning is one of the best examples of why we need the support of a community. Scientific studies repeatedly show that we learn better with support, that we have higher accountability when we are part of a group, and that we’re more motivated when we work and learn collaboratively.
 It’s Better When We’re Together 
 Have you ever had the pleasure of being part of a group where every person present was not only willing, but actually excited to be there? A team where every person had a place and a purpose, and they were filling both…where the individual contributions of each person were acknowledged, accepted, and celebrated.

If you have, then you know that it is a powerful, exuberant feeling. One of the most motivating and empowering feelings on the planet.

Now…what if your learning experiences could be like that, too?

If every discussion was full of breakthroughs and thrilling a-ha moments, and assignments and exercises felt less like mundane busywork and more like changing the world with your friends.
At SuperHuman Academy, we believe that this kind of experience is possible. And moreso, we believe that it is in our power to make it happen. So, we did.
For the past several months we’ve been working diligently, with neuroscientists,
award-winning writers, memory champions, and more experts than it makes sense to list.

And finally, we’re ready to fling open the doors and reveal our special project.

With no further ado, we’re ecstatic to finally invite you to join…

 The SuperHuman Enterprise  

More than just a cohort of classmates, The SuperHuman Enterprise is a community of people who are excited to learn, grow, and improve as much as they can – like you. These voracious SuperLearners are located all over the world, and bring both new perspectives and shared connections to the learning experience.

The community is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Heartbeat platform. This platform integrates forums, conversations, course materials, and more into one convenient location – wherever you are. Heartbeat is available for desktop as well as mobile use, so you’re never far from an a-ha moment.

And being a member of the community is how you get access to the new SuperHuman Course Catalog, our ever-growing library of life-changing courses. A mix of live, recorded, and hybrid courses, the SuperHuman catalog is stuffed full of free and paid learning experiences that will actually impact your personal growth.

Available and upcoming topics include:
This is a truly exciting time in human learning, with more and more knowledge at our fingertips.

And with the SuperHuman Enterprise behind you,
there’s nothing to stop you from using it to transform your life and the world.
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